BROOKS Stair Lifts Installation Advice

Battery Installation

The BROOKS Stair Lift is powered by 2 x 12 volt, 7.2 amp/hour sealed gel type lead acid batteries. The batteries are located in a steel tray inside the Stair lift carriage unit and are wired in series to output 24v DC.

WARNING! Take particular care when handling the batteries.

WARNING! Take particular care when handling the batteries. They contain harmful chemicals. Be especially careful not to short-circuit the battery terminals, as serious personal injury, fire and damage to the batteries and/or the Stair Lift may result.

  1. Unplug the Stair Lift transformer from the wall outlet.
  2. Unplug the red Battery Isolator plug and disconnect the Seat (Joystick Control) Connector - depending on the lift: unplug the RCA plug-in seat connector on the carriage; or unscrew the Hirschmann seat connector. (fig. 1).

    Remove the seat by pushing down on the seat swivel lever, and gently pulling upwards on the seat with a twisting action.: Fig 1Fig 1
  3. Remove the safety pads fitted to the sides of the carriage.
    Also remove the phillips screws fitted in the down side of the carriage. (fig. 2):Fig 2Fig 2
  4. Remove the two larger phillips machine screws, fitted in the flat faces of the carriage cover, one either side. (fig. 2)
  5. Remove the trim piece that covers the split in the carriage cover, adjacent to the seat hole. (fig. 3): Fig 3
    Fig 3
  6. The carriage cover can now be removed. Pry apart the cover around the seat post and withdraw it backwards and upwards. (fig. 4).

    As the cover becomes free, disconnect the red wire that is attached to the back of the red isolator plug (i.e. inside the cover itself), take care with this wire as it is 'hot'. If it is allowed to touch anything within the lift there will be a direct short and will cause damage to the batteries and/or PCB.

    To make the process easier it is best to unplug from the terminals on the PCB: the flying leads to the Infra-Red receivers in the carriage cover (two in total); the connector to the LED Display / Key Switch; and the Seat (Joystick Control) connector - only if your carriage has a plug-in (rather than Hirschmann screw-type) connector.

    Each socket on the circuit board is named, making the required point easy to identify and locate. (fig. 5).
    : Fig 4 Fig 4: Fig 5 Fig 5
  7. The batteries are now exposed (fig. 6). Loosen the securing strap by partially unscrewing the Phillips screw (fig. 7) . This can be found on the back of the battery tray. Disconnect the battery leads, including the linking cable. Note the battery connections and be sure to connect the new batteries the same way.: Fig 6 Fig 6: Fig 7 Fig 7
  8. Remove the existing batteries and replace with the new ones. Make sure that you do not overtighten the battery securing strap. Note: Re-assembly is the reverse of the above sequence.
    Whilst refitting the carriage cover pay particular attention to the re-connection of: the Infra-Red receiver flying leads; the red Battery Isolator plug; the LED Display / Key Switch connector; and the Seat (Joystick Control) lead. Dispose of the replaced batteries responsibly and never discard in household trash.